Support for men who have been sexually abused       Since 2000, we have been delivering specialist support services to men (18+) who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or adult sexual assault at any time in their lives. Mankind developed from the need for an agency in Sussex that could provide appropriate services to […]


This book is about emotional abuse that many people go through and is something that can go undetectable especially when looking at a males point of view. Its everywhere and even in the unexpected places can be found. This book is a highlight and insight to my life and struggle with emotional abuse and its to […]

The Sadness Behind The Smile

    This diary, text book, whatever you want to call it is what it is. It’s not about revenge, malice or set out to hurt anyone. On 18th December 2012 my wife and myself engaged unfortunately in a heated argument, again to my regret and in my moment of sheer madness I knocked over […]

Keith Preddie

man,woman and child, we all feel pain, we all suffer, we all shed tears. I have spoken to so many who have shared their experiences of domestic abuse, whether it be physical, emotional or sexual. YOU are NOT alone, together we will get through our negative experiences to hopefully make our future better. I thank […]

Male domestic violence /abuse victim-facts

The following statistics have been produced by The Mankind Initiative in February 2011. A link to their website and further statistics and sources of their figures is available at 2.6% men and 4.6% women were victims of “partner abuse” in 2009/10 a gender victim ration of 36% male 64% female therefore for every 3 […]

Hidden male victims of domestic abuse

As many as four percent of men have been victims of domestic abuse according to crime statistics for England and Wales, and charities say an increasing number of victims are beginning to come forward. Four percent of men aged 16-59 are said to have suffered domestic abuse Peter (not his real name) had suffered domestic […]

Another characteristic of men in this situation is the tendency to disconnect from his own domestic problems. A battered husband will often spend more and more time at work, or take up a hobby outside of the home. In order to avoid potential conflicts, he may decide to sleep in the family car or spend […]


Denial is saying something hasn’t happened or pretending the situation isn’t as bad as it really is. It allows victims to ignore painful aspects of reality. It allows abusers to continue abusing. It is a coping mechanism, for victims, allowing them to continue living without accepting that anything is wrong. In denial… both the abusers […]

When many of us hear the words “domestic violence,” we automatically assume the victim would be a female and the attacker would be a male. After all, men are traditionally viewed as the more aggressive of the two sexes, and the victims of most domestic abuse situations are indeed women. But a surprising number of […]