Working Through Battered Men’s Syndrome

Many battered men, having been systematically abused by their partners, perceive that there is no way out of their relationship. They fear that if they leave their children behind… she may abuse them. Abused men with Battered Men’s Syndrome feel trapped, helpless and, very often, they also feel guilty. 1] Denial: The man refuses to […]

Suppression of Pain

  “When a young boy is hit by another boy on the playground he can do three things. 1. Hit back. ( Be seen as aggressive. ) 2. Proclaim ” That didn’t hurt! ” ( Be seen as strong. ) 3. Cry or run away. ( Be seen as a wimp. ) Young boys who […]

Type of response women between women and men

Hit back 24.4% 15% Cried 54.6% 5.8% Yelled or cursed him/her 42.6% 28.7% Ran to another room 8.6% 13.9% Called a friend/relative 11.4% 2.2% Called the police 8.5% 0.9% Ran out of the house 14% 18% Other 7.3% 32.2% When most survey data are compared with archival data, it appears that only 8% of women […]

Male Socialization

  Men are to be self-sufficient. This means they do not need to be helped by others, if they are men. Men are to be strong. This means they can not express physical and emotional pain, sadness or fear, if they are men. Men are to be the protectors in society, especially of women and […]

there is a stigma attached to being a male victim of spousal abuse that even permeates our field. I had a discussion with a male professor at one university [in a family department] that refused to believe that a woman could be abusive. Try talking as a male victim to others that you are a […]

Why battered men don’t leave or remain silent

  Shame: What will my friends, family, colleagues and neighbors think? What will people think if they knew I let a woman beat up on me? It’s a private matter – it belongs in the family. If I say anything, she’ll tell everyone I’m the abusive one, and shame me in public. I’m ashamed I’m […]

Why do we stay?

Understanding why men stay in abusive relationships or remain silent… Do any of these questions sound familiar? “Why don’t you leave if it’s that bad?” or “How can you let this happen?” or “If I was you I wouldn’t put up with that.” or how about the king of asinine questions… ” Why don’t you […]

Husband abuse,Can a wife abuse her husband ?

  When we think of abuse or domestic violence, we don’t often hear or think about the husband being the victim. It’s usually the wife who is the reported sufferer. Yet more and more it’s coming out into the light that many husbands are victims of spousal abuse as well. Not as many as women, […]

hank51st wrote:

I was subject to abuse, but never told anyone due to the shame. It was occasionally physical but more often emotional. My partner belittled my appearance and my views. Yet to the outside world I am a confident, even arrogant man. I didn’t really appreciate that it was abuse till the relationship was long over. […]