100 words

Family Dynamics….. what is that? It means that in every family we have to learn how best to get along with the other members of the family. We all have our little secrets, our family skeleton we keep locked in the closet. There isn’t anything new where skeletons are concerned, was your favorite old Aunt […]

The Sadness Behind The Smile

    This diary, text book, whatever you want to call it is what it is. It’s not about revenge, malice or set out to hurt anyone. On 18th December 2012 my wife and myself engaged unfortunately in a heated argument, again to my regret and in my moment of sheer madness I knocked over […]

Working Through Battered Men’s Syndrome

Many battered men, having been systematically abused by their partners, perceive that there is no way out of their relationship. They fear that if they leave their children behind… she may abuse them. Abused men with Battered Men’s Syndrome feel trapped, helpless and, very often, they also feel guilty. 1] Denial: The man refuses to […]

Suppression of Pain

  “When a young boy is hit by another boy on the playground he can do three things. 1. Hit back. ( Be seen as aggressive. ) 2. Proclaim ” That didn’t hurt! ” ( Be seen as strong. ) 3. Cry or run away. ( Be seen as a wimp. ) Young boys who […]

Adding a father’s name to a birth certificate

You must re-register your child’s birth if you want to add the natural father’s details to the birth record. If you want a new birth certificate you’ll have to order one. Parents have married after the birth If the parents have married after the child was born and you want the natural father’s details to […]

Apply for parental responsibility

If you’re not the mother, you can apply to court to get parental responsibility. You need to be connected to the child, eg as their father, step-parent or second female parent. More than 2 people can have parental responsibility for the same child. Sign a parental responsibility agreement If you’re a father who wants parental […]

Who has parental responsibility

A mother automatically has parental responsibility for her child from birth. A father usually has parental responsibility if he is: married to the child’s mother listed on the birth certificate (after a certain date, depending on which part of the UK the child was born in) Births registered in England and Wales If the parents […]

TV programmes

Ever noticed how many TV programmes have women violating men? Seems throwing things at men, throwing things in their faces, slapping them, punching them, tazer-ing them, that’s OK. But heaven help the world if a man was to hit a woman.

Real Men

Some of my female friends were talking this weekend about guys. One made a statement that “real men” don’t cry. I asked why she felt this way and she just answered that “crying is not manly.” I still don’t understand why. When my baby brother died, my dad cried and he is both a man […]