100 words… A gift of health

Ok, lets take a left turn from the last 100 words. So, after waiting forever I have been given, I hope, a gift.  A  gift of health and the ability to live longer with less pain. WOW sounds like just the thing for a 66 yr. old who is over weight. OK, ok, so the NHS says that […]

100 words… Life Coach

I have been a “Life Coach” for the past few decades and I’ve been taught to help people see their natural path through this jungle called life. The best path is the way of least resistance. This doesn’t mean giving up if you run into a hard problem. Just think about joy that we experience […]

100 words… Different places

I feel lucky to have lived  in a lot of different places while I was  growing up and I am privileged to have friends in several countries. I find it strange, with different languages and cultural customs, that people act a lot alike. In one family I came to know I felt sorry for the […]

100 words… Take a look around

When was the last time that you really looked around at the people near you? No, I don’t mean the people that you hurry past rushing to catch your bus or pushing passed that “slow” person blocking your way.  We all have places to be, we rush, we push past each other. I mean the […]

100 words… A home from home

Have you ever gone over to someones house and felt right at home. The feeling that this should be how you feel going home everyday.  Or when you step into a house and feel as trapped as the people living there. Families are so complicated, but they start out, most of the time, so simply. […]

100 words

  Family Dynamics….. what is that? It means that in every family we have to learn how best to get along with the other members of the family. We all have our little secrets, our family skeleton we keep locked in the closet. There isn’t anything new where skeletons are concerned, was your favorite old […]

The Sadness Behind The Smile

    This diary, text book, whatever you want to call it is what it is. It’s not about revenge, malice or set out to hurt anyone. On 18th December 2012 my wife and myself engaged unfortunately in a heated argument, again to my regret and in my moment of sheer madness I knocked over […]

Working Through Battered Men’s Syndrome

Many battered men, having been systematically abused by their partners, perceive that there is no way out of their relationship. They fear that if they leave their children behind… she may abuse them. Abused men with Battered Men’s Syndrome feel trapped, helpless and, very often, they also feel guilty. 1] Denial: The man refuses to […]

Suppression of Pain

  “When a young boy is hit by another boy on the playground he can do three things. 1. Hit back. ( Be seen as aggressive. ) 2. Proclaim ” That didn’t hurt! ” ( Be seen as strong. ) 3. Cry or run away. ( Be seen as a wimp. ) Young boys who […]