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I feel lucky to have lived  in a lot of different places while I was  growing up and I am privileged to have friends in several countries. I find it strange, with different languages and cultural customs, that people act a lot alike. In one family I came to know I felt sorry for the […]

100 words

When was the last time that you really looked around at the people near you? No, I don’t mean the people that you hurry past rushing to catch your bus or pushing passed that “slow” person blocking your way.  We all have places to be, we rush, we push past each other. I mean the […]

100 words

Have you ever gone over to someones house and felt right at home. The feeling that this should be how you feel going home everyday.  Or when you step into a house and feel as trapped as the people living there. Families are so complicated, but they start out, most of the time, so simply. […]

living on

Well after looking at the last time I entered a post, if anyone got into it, I left quite a cliff hanger. But as I have had time to thinbk about what happened next it kind of whirlwinds around in memories. I started my story atthetender age of 14 and yet within a very shot decade I […]

What stops men reporting domestic abuse

What stops men reporting is firstly, pride, second still some degree of loyalty, third hope that things might improve an lastly and in equal measures fear that the whole story will be turned around, ” I am doing it or did it to protect myself”. Again, abuse is not just physical but emotional, financial and […]