Support for men who have been sexually abused       Since 2000, we have been delivering specialist support services to men (18+) who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or adult sexual assault at any time in their lives. Mankind developed from the need for an agency in Sussex that could provide appropriate services to […]


This book is about emotional abuse that many people go through and is something that can go undetectable especially when looking at a males point of view. Its everywhere and even in the unexpected places can be found. This book is a highlight and insight to my life and struggle with emotional abuse and its to […]

The Sadness Behind The Smile

    This diary, text book, whatever you want to call it is what it is. It’s not about revenge, malice or set out to hurt anyone. On 18th December 2012 my wife and myself engaged unfortunately in a heated argument, again to my regret and in my moment of sheer madness I knocked over […]

Keith Preddie

man,woman and child, we all feel pain, we all suffer, we all shed tears. I have spoken to so many who have shared their experiences of domestic abuse, whether it be physical, emotional or sexual. YOU are NOT alone, together we will get through our negative experiences to hopefully make our future better. I thank […]

UK: Gov’t Recommends Changes to Child Custody Law

The British Government has announced its intention to push for changes to family law that have the potential to improve fathers’ access to their children and children’s access to their fathers post-divorce or separation. Much has been written about the announcement; here’s Barbara Kay’s take on it (National Post, 6/14/12). For years, fathers’ rights advocates […]

Step-parents responsibilities

With a third of marriages ending in divorce and remarriage being a very common reality of modern family life, the extent to which step-parents have parental responsibility is a very relevant issue to consider. If you are a step-parent or biological parent wanting legal advice with regards to parental responsibility, you are in the right […]

Child custody/ residence

If you have recently divorced or separated from you partner and want to find out about child custody, how child custody arrangements are made and what you can do in the event of a dispute, you are in the right place to find out. We understand how sensitive child custody issues can be. However, we […]

Child contact orders

If your former partner has custody of your children and they are denying your right to see them, you are in the right place to find out how you can maintain your right to see your children. Child contact is not based on what your former partner demands Although it is often not necessary to […]

Changing Your Will to Favour Your Children After Divorce

Do you have a will? You should have. It’s your way of making your wishes known and distributing your property and assets after your death and as such, it’s a very important item. If you’re married or with a partner and own a house and have children, then you definitely should have a will. When […]

Divorced fathers to get more contact with their children

Fathers will get improved contact with their children following divorce, amid plans to rewrite the law governing custody disputes. A ministerial working group will decide how to amend the Children’s Act 1989 and might include in it a “presumption of shared parenting”. The changes are part of an overhaul in family law that is described […]