The Sadness Behind The Smile



the sadness behind the smile book cover

This diary, text book, whatever you want to call it is what it is. It’s not about revenge, malice or set out to hurt anyone. On 18th December 2012 my wife and myself engaged unfortunately in a heated argument, again to my regret and in my moment of sheer madness I knocked over a clothes airier which apparently struck my wife on her left arm, to which she sustained a small bruise.

The argument didn’t end there and as reported in the press and in court I pinned my wife down, which I accept I did. But what was not reported was that at the time my wife had a pair of scissors in her right hand and in self defence that is why I pinned her down.On the 21st December 2012 .

I walked into a Police Station where I was arrested and charged with ABH, I spent 14 hours in a police cell and was then charged with Common Assault by Beating and placed on Police bail. For nearly 4 months I was not allowed to go back to the marital home to collect my belongings, or see and speak to my wife, I have not seen or spoken to my step daughter since 20th December 2012.

I was put on Gardeners Leave from my main job and was totally ridiculed in the press, spat at, received negative comments from people, accused of BEATING my wife when I didn’t touch her. People thought my life was Rosie, that I had the perfect marriage. well it was the opposite, thus my point in displaying my TEXT marriage is to basically show that there was a lot of sadness behind my smile and I suffered a lot of emotional abuse, but suffered in silence to the point where I had my moment of madness, I urge you to read the whole book then judge for yourself.

Yes there are some personal texts, my life was personal until the media and press tried to label me as a wife beater. All I have left is to prove and show that I’m not a wife beater, I suffered abuse too.


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