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Contraception is often seen as a woman’s responsibility, however many of the men we come into contact with have an interest in the contraception that is used within a relationship. Many men choosing vasectomy say that they would like their wives/partners to stop taking the pill because she had been taking it for a long time. It is important that you and your partner discuss all the options available. You may find the following information useful when discussing contraception with your partner.


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Contraceptive use can either be perfect (always consistent and correct, someone who takes it all the time, on time) or typical (which usually applies to the average person because it is sometimes difficult to always and reliably use contraception correctly). The effectiveness figures used on this page are based on typical use.

  • The Implant (Nexplanon) 99.9% Effective
  • Vasectomy 99.9% Effective
  • IUS (Mirena) 99.8% Effective
  • Female Sterilisation 99.5% Effective
  • IUD (Coil) 99.2% Effective
  • The Contraceptive Injection (Depo-Provera) 94% Effective
  • Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing) 91% Effective
  • The Contraceptive Patch (Evra) 91% Effective
  • Progestogen-only Pill (Mini Pill) 91% Effective
  • Combined Birth Control Pill (The Pill) 91% Effective
  • Male Condom 82% Effective
  • Diaphragm 88% Effective
  • Female Condom 79% Effective
  • Withdrawal 78% Effective
  • Spermicides 72% Effective

No contraceptive method is 100% effective and few couples use their method perfectly every time they have sex. Emergency contraception is a safe and effective means to prevent pregnancy when something has gone wrong with your usual method of contraception or you’ve had unprotected sex

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