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Help me with my Demons 

Friday 29th April 2011 I was invited to a club in CRaydon with 2 male friends yet still had to spend the night texting the now estranged wife

Anthonyto Emey- THANKS for tIe lift are you there yet x x x ”

Emey to Anthony”Yes at Anna’s eating and drinking. shandy,is it busy in tiger?x x”

Anthonyto Emey -“On not yet love you x x x

Emey to Anthony-“Love you 2,have fun be good and be carefully x x x”

Anthonyto Emey -As always

Emey to Anthony-“Miss you already x x”

Anthonyto Emey – Miss you too I think I ate too much lol too heavy to dance ”

Emey to Anthony-“Maybe its all the wind in your tummy from the beans lol x”

Anthonyto Emey -“AND samon breath lol x x ”

Emey to Anthony-“Lol is it busier now x


Anthonyto Emey -“A bit o x ”

Emey to Anthony-“Are you mash up already x”

Anthonyto Emey -“Its not even midnight yet lol enjoy x

Emey to Anthony- “Is it busy in there?x”


Anthonyto Emey -“Fucking bumper cars x X X X ”

Emey to Anthony-“Just got home see you soon,lots of smelly armpits then lol,are you having a good night?x x”

Anthonyto Emey -“It’s ok smelly sexy you x ”

Emey to Anthony-“Sexy wife going nite nites x x”

Anthonyto Emey -“Nite X ”

April 2011

Emey Did not want to get out of bed today. . . . Glad to have my gorgeous husband beside me x SHE POSTED ON FACEBOOK.

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Emey to Anthony-“Morning,hope its ok with you,i have asked Chanty if she can help me with my demons,i no what they are and after speaking with Chanty bout other things in the past and the type of work she does think it would help me as i hate being funny with you and don’t want my crap to spoil what we have,before i do just want to make sure that your ok with that?i am so happy and in love with you x x x x x”

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