Suffer In Silence

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CHAPTER 3- I Digress

Jamaica 2010

February 2010 I went to Jamaica with my two uncles to visit my frail grandma. I met some of my Jamaican family who were female. I would speak to Emey via text every day filling her in on what I was doing. Emey would even text me in the early hours of the morning as Jamaica is 5 hours behind the UK, to make sure I was not up to any funny business with anyone. I had to make sure my mobile was on and close to me all the times.
When I got back to England I became Facebook and Skype friends with some of my family that I had met. I would also use Skype to speak to them and upon talking to a cousin, who happened to be a female several times, Emey implied that she fancied me which sickened me and led to an argument and in the end I had to stop talking to her.

Night Club

Friday 23rd April 2010

I was in a nightclub in CRaydon with some of my male friends and Happy was there purely by coincidence with some of her friends. We chatted as you would and danced and we had some friendly photos taken which were totally innocent. When I got home at 3am Emey was waiting up for me to come home which she would do often if I went out. I told her that happy was at the club and this straight away caused Emey to be verbally abusive to me and accused me of getting up to allsorts that night. I could not deal with this and went to bed
Saturday 24th April 2010

Emey called me while I was at work and was going mad shouting at me down the phone, because happy had posted on Facebook some of pictures taken in the club the night before. This was the last straw as far as Emey was concerned and Saturday Evening she tore verbally into me but as I had to go to work. Emey continued to have a go at me on Sunday 25th April 2010 and gave me the ultimatum, either you cut all ties with Sandra and NEVER speak to her again or our relationship is over, we are NOT getting married and you can leave. I did not agree with Emey, but I had no choice but to cut all ties with Sandra which I did. This was the start of Emey trying to control and manipulate me.


May of 2010

I got a phone call from my uncle who I went to Jamaica with asking if I would like to go to Amsterdam, when I told Emey, she straight away caused an argument saying that Amsterdam is full of drugs and sex so I could not go. This was only a suggestion but yet again Emey dictated as to what, where and who I could go away with. I never went to Amsterdam.

Winning Britain’s Best Dad on GMTV 2012

gmtv britains best dad nominee dvd copy you tube link:

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Anthony winning Britain’s Best Dad 2010 on GMTV you tube link:

17th June 2010

I won Britain’s best dad on GMTV and won a holiday for 2 to Turkey. It was unquestionable that I would take Emey as even thinking about taking one of my son’s would be seem to be disrespectful to her and would cause no end of arguments.

School mate’s baby shower

August 2010

I was invite to my schoolmate  baby shower with some of his friends, during this evening out in Beckenham Emey would constantly text me about what I was doing and when she learnt that there were females there that my schoolmate had invited she was not happy at all. I stopped replying to her texts as I just wanted to enjoy the evening with my friends. I did not text Emey at midnight because I was in nightclub and put my mobile on silent because of her constant texts and yes I had a few drinks and enjoyed myself. My mum picked me up from the nightclub and I stayed at her house.
Sunday morning when I looked at my mobile phone I had several missed calls from Emey, When I rang her she immediately accused me of sleeping with someone even though my mum picked me up and I stayed at her house. When I got home Emey started to still accuse me of ignoring her the previous night and that I was up to something with females, which yet again caused another argument. Emey would not talk to me for several days

Celebration of life

Thursday 21st October 2010

Four weeks after we got married my world got turned upside down as my cousin, who just 26 committed suicide; he was like a son to me. On Friday 28th October 2010 the family had a 9th night celebration on his life in a club where all his family and friends attended. During the late part of the evening some people including myself were dancing, when a female came to dance with me, within10 seconds Emey came over pushed her aside and said he’s mine. This was the last time that I ever danced with another person while being married to Emey.

Funky Keep Fit with Mr Anthony

Friday 22nd October 2010

I started my 1st Funky Keep Fit with Mr Anthony at a church hall in Coulsdon at 7pm.The sessions started at 7pm for 1 hour and despite Emey working from 9.30am till 7pm, she made a point of turning up after work at 7.30pm not to join in any of the workouts that I put in place, but to sit in the corner and keep an eye on me and the female keep fit dancers which made me feel really uncomfortable, So I stopped doing it after just 4 classes.

Kick me in the teeth while I’m down

Saturday 13th November 2010

Emey was invited to dinner at her boss’s house which turned into a party. I was DJ-ing and said I would pick her up after work which I did but when I got there I was still really upset and was crying from the loss of my Cousin, so I sat in another room away from everyone who was enjoying themselves. I was comforted by a work colleague of Emey’s who persuaded me to go into the room where everyone was which I did. While I sat on the settee watching people dancing Emey started gyrating with another man right in front of me even though I was still mourning the loss of my cousin and very upset. After that I wanted to go home as I could not believe that Emey could be so disrespectful and hypocritical. The next day I asked Emey how she could do behave that way in front of me when for the last year all she had done was tear stripes of me if a woman spoke to me let alone danced with me, Emey’s response was as it was her boss’s husband and it was all harmless fun.

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