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Spending Days without Talking  11th FEBRUARY 2011

Emey-It’s sad that we are not able to sort out issues that arise and we spend days without talking or sleeping in the same bed, what can we do differently; don’t like it when we fall out x

Emey -What time will you be home I would like to talk to you


Emey – Sorry Anthonynot in a good place x

WIFE-Getting mixed messages from you and don’t no if Im coming or going. X

ANTHONY-You always do this by text and ain’t doing this by text either talk to me or don’t but I’m not texting

Emey -Our marriage isn’t what i hoped it would be,im finding it increasingly more difficult to talk to you and resolve problems that come up,Im going to seek some advice from where i don’t know yet as i can’t do this on my own i need some help x. X

Emey -Do you think we could go clubin just you and me soon please as i can’t remember the last time,might not come2mor x”

ANTHONY-“Of course we can why you not coming tomorrow ”

Emey -“Haven’t got anyone 4 step- daughter yet,not sure if i want to go x”

ANTHONY”my godsons  could look after her but It’s up to you x ”

Emey -I want us to work but It’s a give and take situation never gonna please each other all the time ”

Emey -Love you husband x x from your stropy wife x x x”

ANTHONY”Love you too wife .

Emey –I am sorry about how you felt last week after what i said to you,i do feel bad still that i hurt you.i can’t stand it when we don’t talk,i missed the hugs and kisses at bedtime and being close to you finding it hard to get that back but that’s because of how i feel bout me at the mo x x x”

ANTHONY-It’s ok time is a great healer x x

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