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Come Dine With Me-The Nightmare Begins

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Emey -Do you think you are goin to keep in contact with the people you met last night?x”
ANTHONY”I don’t know at this stage as I have not had a proper conversations with any of them x”

Emey-“I am goin to struggle with this”

ANTHONY”I think we should get so counselling to see if we can figure out why you feel the way you are at the moment and in general as when it comes to me and females we have problems which is not going to just go away by itself x ”

Emey -“Yes that might help,feel like i already have to share you with so many females already,just please be aware of how you are when you are in front of the cameras as i really don’t want any unpleasant surprises when it goes on air in September x”

ANTHONY”I’m going to be me I’m more than aware that there is a camera in my face for tv

Emey -“Whilst your out being you and getting to no these people im just dreading each night x”

ANTHONY”I love you only you and am in love with you x x x ”


Emey “I think what you said bout seeing someone is a good idea and if it can’t be resolved at least we tried”
ANTHONY-“Most defiantly cos I can’t continue like this. How I was when I was young is not how I am now and if this is not sorted you will lose me. How your feeling is bad but its not fair to take it out on me when I have not done anything ”
Emey “Its funny cos on Saturday night when we were out at my friends i was upset and disappointed that you didn’t make an effort yet you are willing to make effort with there new friends of yours”

ANTHONY” If you were upset with me then you should have said I’m not on their wave length I thanked Lester straight away and most of the flow of conversation was about you lot so I felt more comfortable sitting with Angel and before you say I didn’t say we had to leave you mentioned about leaving time as I was happy for you to spend time with your friends. I didn’t moan about the time or driving as it was your night with your friends. There people that I am spending time with this week are not my friends neither are the film crew or cab drivers. These are people for whomI have to spend time with for the tv program. YOU make out that your so hard done ay and I’m having all the fun. well I ain’t its fucking shit cos of this situation and this is why it needs to ” “Be sorted I can’t go on like this every time I’m in contact with a female if you want to push me away from you your doing a good job. I want to be with you but things have to change or there is no us. So to me our marriage feels like it is in ruins

Emey “its not going to get sorted”

ANTHONY” brenda at. Work is not my friend but I have to work along side her come dine people are not my friends but I have to be in the same company for a tv program you chose to be with your friends at the weekend Mat is my friend .there is a difference I feel that your finding anything you can to throw at me and to make out like I’m having fun and your not which is far from the Truth”
Emey -I don’t think you see that you play a part in all of this to”

ANTHONY1what part do I play and 2 what have I done for you to treat me like this. If I have done something wrong tell me as I would really like to know then I night be able to get my head around this situation”

Emey “I want to get this sorted. But as you don’t want to get this sorted then I don’t know else to do “In not blaming you for how Im feeling and i haven’t said you have done anything wrong either i feel bad enough that i feel like this i can’t stand it and wish it would go. Away it does my head in,and its like your trying to make me feel worse, there isn’t any support from you or reassurance at all.i don’t think you understand where im coming from

ANTHONY”This situation can’t be sorted or talked about until the weekend and even then things will not change overnight,both our feelings need to be heard and understood for us to move forward to a compromise”

ANTHONY”How can you say I don’t understand when it was me who suggested that we get some help”

Emey” we will be ok Anthonyxx
ANTHONY”I hope so x ”


Emey” Has anything funky stuff gone on the week?”

ANTHONY”What do you mean by funky stuff? Tuesday I was surrounded by 10 house cats and sally feeds foxes with dog food and is a haunted ghost person thing. Last night was really boring as vandra is too posh in conversatin well groomed knows about expensive wine studies law and gp a make up artist got a 3000 handbag but no entertainment. At all tool the longest to prepare the food I was bored ”

Emey “By funky i mean has anyone been suggestive with you,what kind of conversations have you had with that Sandy?who house is it 2nite?”

ANTHONY”No one has been funky with me or anyone else when your made to sit in one place for hours on end you just engage in all types of stuff. You are told by someone what you can and cannot talk about Rik is a mystery man vandra is too posh Sally is too quiet Sandy is direct in what she says and the only one who is on my wave length with my stupid sarcastic jokes last night was so boring. We sat in one place for 5 hours so We just had to crack stupid jokes mostly about sally’s cats and witch craft. There was no entertainment also posh rice just bored me with knowledge of wines and bags it is Sandy’s night tonight ”


ANTHONY-If I don’t hear from you soon missing you like crazy love you x x ”

Emey “Just got this message from this morning,sodoes that mean that because sandy is on your wave length that you are goin to keep in contact?x”

ANTHONY“That’s not what I said like you said we can talk properly after Saturday I can’t be texting as can’t say exactly what i mean”

Emey “Was Sandy’s evenin more fun?” “Will you be coming straight home after tonight fulming is finished ?”


Emey “Yes to what, Sandy’s evening being fun or coming home safe”

ANTHONY”I did not see your 1st text Sandy’s evening was better than vandra’s and yes I am coming home after filming ”


Emey “Were you the last one to leave changed name Sandy’s” “Has she asked to keep in contact with you? this may be the last day of filming but it won’t be the end till its shown on tv and hopefully the shit won’t hit the fan again”

ANTHONY“They all mentioned about keeping in touch except me and when they mention it I don’t answer and what shIt are you referring to. Also you can’t be around me don’t want to talk to me but text me with question after question 1 min you want to help me with this show then the next its a pile of shIt the people are shIt and and you don’t want to communicate with me other than text like you said let’s deal with what ever it is after Saturday. If you want to text about me in general and in a positive way then fine but I’m done with the constant negative questions about a show that you don’t like and people you don’t know but want to judge as bad people ”
Emey “I asked you if Sandy asked to keep in touch not anyone else,that isn’t a negative question,god no what the program will show but i no i will go mental if i see something that you haven’t already pre warned me about””Were you the last one to leave Sandy’s isn’t a negative question but maybe a question you don’t want to answer?”

ANTHONY”Exactly what I’m talking about. It don’t matter what I say or do you already have your own agenda you think what you want. LAst answer and no I was 2nd to last to leave

Emey “Time will tell” “I haven’t said they are bad people 5days ago you didn’t no these people they weren’t in your life 5days ago so why do you want them in your life now,what was the gain from doing this program?”

Emey” when did you want to talk?x”

ANTHONY” When ever your ready”

Emey “Working till bout 4.30,would rather step daughter wasn’t around hearing our conversation tho”

ANTHONY”When you get back Angel can stay with Ray and we will go out to talk “

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