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ABBA Tribute night Saturday 5th March 2011

I was on the P.T.A at my children’s secondary school and was helping selling drinks to the guest at our ABBA tribute night. The P.T.A. team consist of mostly women except for me and another man, and when I joined in 2010 Emey was not happy about this and suggested joining herself even though her eldest daughter had been enrolled at the school for 2 years prior.

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The function was in the main hall and we put out more than 12 tables seating 10 people per table all over the hall. Some tables were reserved but most were on a 1st come basis. When Emey came along as a paying guest with her female friends, although we were talking we weren’t on major happy terms and off all the 12 tables in the room to sit, Emey decided to sit directly opposite the bar where I was and faced me all night, which again made me feel uncomfortable as I felt like I was being watched constantly, I could not relax and freely chat and laugh with other P.T.A members and guest who were female. I felt like she was watching me all night. I did discuss this with Emey the next day to which her reply was she just sat there as there was nowhere else to sit and didn’t think that there was a problem. She knew exactly what she was doing and it worked.

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