Suffer In Silence

don't suffer alone….

What can i do ?

  • Men have exactly the same rights as women to be safe in their own homes.
  • All statutory services (such as the police, Crown Prosecution Service, housing departments and social services) have a duty to provide services to all, whatever their gender.
  • Men are protected by exactly the same laws as women – anyone who has assaulted another person, regardless of the gender of either, can be prosecuted.
  • If you are a man experiencing domestic violence and you need emergency help you can call the police on 999.
  • If you are not in immediate danger consider the following;
  • Recognise and acknowledge that this is happening to you
  • Accept you are not to blame
  • When an incident seems imminent try to leave the situation as your personal safety is most important
  • Do not retaliate physically or verbally this will escalate the situation it may also mean you are more likely to be arrested should the police become involved
  • Keep a diary of all incidents, noting down the time and date. Also note any witnesses should there be any
  • Keep photographic evidence of your personal injuries
  • Report all injuries to your GP or to the local hospital minor injury unit/A&E department
  • If you do not call 999 you can ring the police station to make an appointment with a trained domestic violence officer who you can speak to over the phone or in person.
  • You can take a friend or someone from ESTEEM with you if you feel it necessary
  • If you contact the police for any reason you should ensure you obtain a crime reference number for the contact
  • Take advice regarding injunctions from a reliable solicitor most solicitors will offer the initial consultation free of charge.
  • You may also be entitled to legal aid

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