100words-differenr places2

I feel lucky to have lived  in a lot of different places while I was  growing up and I am privileged to have friends in several countries. I find it strange, with different languages and cultural customs, that people act a lot alike. In one family I came to know I felt sorry for the daughter. She was in a dynamic of four but she always seemed to be left out.  Her brother were the star of the family, a male to carry on the line, and he could do no wrong. Her ideas were ridiculed and any input was ignored.

Still she saw the bright side of everything, she was a nice person and a great friend. For us to have playtime, after school or on the weekend, I would help her to finish up her “work” at home. We did the same jobs as you would hire a housekeeper to do.  Everyday she was the only one who cleaned up from the morning rush or to do the laundry and vacuum. It was expected of her, as in many families, but not one other person in that house did anything to help. Not even her Mother. I never saw this family appreciate what was done for them.

She was never thanked or given an allowance. My friend left her home at 17 to start her own life..and she is very happy. But her family can’t understand why she left them in such a hurry. Do you..?