100 words..

I have been a “Life Coach” for the past few decades and I’ve been taught to help people see their natural path through this jungle called life. The best path is the way of least resistance. This doesn’t mean giving up if you run into a hard problem. Just think about joy that we experience when we bet a problem that has vex us.

Do you remember being on summer holidays when you were young and how easily those days flowed by.  People would smile and say things like, “enjoy yourself  because these days won’t last very long”.  As a child, on summer holiday, we know it won’t last long because school is at the end of summer.  Those days of knowing our Mom’s and Dad’s would worried about everything else that life threw at us. As a child I always wondered what being a grown-up was like. From my point of view grown-up’s had it all. They made the rules and broke the same rules if it suited them. Grown-up’s seemed to be able to do anything they wanted to do. To a child these tall people didn’t seem to make much sense at times but as I became the taller person I found that I still couldn’t make much sense of grown-ups. Ever feel like that?