Well after looking at the last time I entered a post, if anyone got into it, I left quite a cliff hanger. But as I have had time to thinbk about what happened next it kind of whirlwinds around in memories. I started my story atthetender age of 14 and yet within a very shot decade I was married, I had moved 4,000 miles from my home and had brought the next generation into the world.

A short decade, what a concept, it seemed that new, strange and wonderful things were happening to me almost every hour. From the age of 14 I was so mixed up about my family. I was the youngest of two, well I’m not a twin so goes without saying really. I was three years younger than my brother and a millon light years away from him. My parants really did like my brother best, no really, they did. It seemed like his talants were always being trotted out in front of friends while I was in my room. That was where I stayed unless there was some serving or cleaning up behind the scenes to be done. Starting to sound like a Cinderella story, well it’s not. I was loved. I was truly part of my family but my Mother and Father were both over 40 when I was born.  So by the time I was 14 they were well into thier 50’s and ready to retire.