Ok, lets take a left turn from the last 100 words. So, after waiting forever I have been given, I hope, a gift.  A  gift of health and the ability to live longer with less pain. WOW sounds like just the thing for a 66 yr. old who is over weight. OK, ok, so the NHS says that my BMI (you know how much fat your caring around inside) is too high for them to fix my broken knees. Yes, I did say both knees. As you well know, the NHS doesn’t mind fixing my knees, helping me to live a life without pain and with the ability to walk out of the NHS’s life. And then we come to the big BUT, if you can’t jump through the hoops along the way to the operation then you can’t have the op.  My QUESTION is if you need the operation how the hell do you jump through hoops.

Now back to my gift, the NHS has stepped up to help me jump through my hoops. This is the problem. I now have to step-up  face me demons and in one fell swoop my live will get better. I can’t even complain about the length of this program. Usually, what you get from any NHS program is a couple of weeks or at the longest two months. This time it turns out to be a whole year. So there isn’t anyway to cheat or complain or not to see this life changing program through.

So, can you see this is the reason I’m scared?  My life must change. Would you be ready, even if you needed to?

Stay turned to see who I change into.